Saturday, July 14, 2007

In South Carolina

We went to Huntington Beach where many families were cooking barbecue in big metal drums, and sitting in the shade. A family of five, three of the girls under the age of ten, wearing identical sailor dresses came bouncing out of the car.
A little girl with a blond ponytail exited the sea and marched up to her mother her arms swinging back and forth as if dancing, her steps springing, to ask that her boogie board be tied around her wrist.

She then took the board, laid down face down on it in the shallow water and waited for the board to be immersed in the water and the water to lap over her.
Later, her grandmother, with an identical blond ponytail (her mother also sported the same hair style, under her plastic visor) agreed to pull the girl through the water as she sat on the board.

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