Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trouble the Water

Kimberly Rivers and her husband Scott Roberts, living inside the storm, take us through their streets, their neighborhood. At one point we are with them when they are stuffed into their attic and the waters of Hurricane Katrina are rising. They are our tour guides to hell.

How distanced the early responders were to the poor, disenfranchised residents who were in need. How disgracefully all levels of government behaved. It is easy in hindsight to understand the neglect. But we are living in the moment in this film whose witness is a strong indictment against Bush whose war time priorities and incompetence kept him from saving those who were dying in the United States.

It will be hard to think of Bush as a compassionate man again when he turned a blind eye to the people of New Orleans. One of those displaced described her feelings: "It is as if we are not citizens."

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