Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A bat became fastened inside the piece of siding of the house.
His little hooked talon which attached to his wing could not free itself.
He struggled and flailed and could not fly away.
He began to gnaw at the wing to detach it.
Drops of blood fell on the side of the house.
My sister bought me a table to climb so that I could reach.
With a wedged stick the siding came free and the bat
fell downstairs to our neighbor's welcome mat.
He was exhausted and bloody. He
hopped along into the net. I freed him into the wood
pile. I wonder if he will live or not.
My sister wanted to put him out of his misery
as we used to say. (Drop a rock on him.)
He was suffering and squeaking but still alive,
last seen in the wood pile.

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