Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 5, 2009: Seasonal

Farmers Market, Tribeca

I love to buy fish at the greenmarket on Saturdays in Tribeca. There is always a line at Blue Moon fish because Alex Villani brings in such fresh spanish mackerel, scrod, scallops, you name it. Here you can see him talking at his stand which gives you an idea of his personality.

Alex Villani of Blue Moon

The apples are coming in after a few weeks of nectarines better than peaches. Honeycrisp is the name of an apple favored by my husband because they were discovered in his home state of Minnesota.

St. Luke's Garden was bathed in bright light today. After tanning on Elizabeth's bench, we looked at the flowers in blossom, and were struck by the bright pink flowers that look like lilacs in miniature but may be crape myrtle. It is tempting to go inside and visit the columbarium, but it is closed until services tomorrow.

photo by omoo

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