Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Salt/dir. Philip Noyce

Angelina Jolie works really hard in this movie.  She makes me glad that my job description does not include getting tortured in my underwear, or assassinating the president of a superpower.  For Angelina, it's all in a day's work.  So what if she is called on to invent a small howitzer out of a vacuum cleaner and some chemicals in the office?  She is very well trained.  She also manages to jump from the overpass of a highway onto semi-truck, then switch to another truck, then an oil rig, until finally she infiltrates a cab which slams into a police car, using each of these vehicles like catapults to get to her destination.  Ultimately her destination is St. Bart's Church in Manhattan where a VIP funeral is taking place.  The Russian president attends, so is available to be assassinated.

The assassination involves trap doors, spider venom, and more chases and spills and car crashes and our Angie, she walks away without so much as whiplash.  She is a human torpedo.  Wait, there is a moment when she has to dress a wound, and finds a kotex machine which she rips off the wall in order to get at one of those paper wrapped cotton products.

Also in this movie, and holding his own with such a superhero presence is Liev Schreiber.  

Jolie as Salt
Liev Schreiber


Lois said...

Patty, you really make me laugh! You just took the heart-stopping suspense totally out of THIS movie. . . .

Patricia Markert said...

Shoot, Lois, I hope people still want to see it! Jolie she does what the guys do and is very easy on the eyes.