Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bad Teacher

 Cameron Diaz is very funny and sexy in this movie.  She plays a gold digger who slips under the radar of her principal even as she arrives at work each day in mini skirts only to show movies to her students.  The students seem thoroughly engaged by these movies, which nearly always have an educational theme.  Her rival, a truly dedicated, also funny character named Amy Squirrel, is the exact opposite.  She plans her lessons, tries to have fun with the students, and reports Halsey's (Diaz's character) bad behavior to the principal.


Diaz struts her stuff in amazing shoes and skintight dresses.  I read an article about her that said if she had lived in another era with better directors Diaz would have had a brilliant career.   The material in the movie is thin, but I am grateful for a movie that allows a gifted comic actress to make us laugh.

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