Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mushrooms, Part 2

Looking for mushrooms,  the more I look the more I see, and the number of mushrooms I find increases exponentially each minute I am walking.  For example, minutes one to fifteen, I find twenty mushrooms of six different genus.

The next ten minutes I then find forty mushrooms.  And so on.  It is hard to move after a while..   Everywhere I look there is something gorgeous, familiar, or exotic and worth studying. I see a red one or a yellow one with bright white scales.  

Then there are the thousands of pinwheels that blossomed over night as a result of the rain.  These dainty short lived creatures attach themselves to twigs with the thinnest of filaments.  I tried to photograph them today but couldn’t get an adequate image, so must rely on Wikipedia.  Unfortunately, their image makes them look enormous when they are the tiniest of featherweights, and disappear once the sun comes out.  The mushrooms in  picture below are ten times bigger than the real thing.  And they line up in a row on a twig, very orderly.
Just as I was about to turn and head home, I looked down, the leaf litter all brown, and saw first one, then several horn of plenty mushrooms, a kind of chanterelle.


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