Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tom Cruise's Hair

Went to see Ghost Protocol in order not to have to think.  Tom Cruise has very good hair.  He looks pretty threatening in his hooded sweatshirt.  Something about the way the hood shadows his face makes it a sinister costume. Also you can't see his hair. Which is always perfect.

Cruise seems to take himself very seriously.  As I was watching the opening scene of a prison breakout in Russia, I kept thinking of those old Mad magazine parodies of action movies where people getting bonked would have stars float up above their heads.  The whole first half hour felt like a Mad magazine parody, and then slowly it settled down into something more resembling a conventional spy thriller.  When Jeremy Renner and Tom Wilkinson entered the scene, I breathed a sigh of relief because these two actors have nothing to prove.  They are simply good at what they do.

Paula Patton, where did she come from? The director has her take a long time getting changed in the car when she and Cruise are making their getaway.  It is not clear if she can act or not, but she had a more substantive role in Precious.  A token girl spy with a beautiful body, she is sort of the new Hallie Barry.

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